Oz Ferrara   Lead vocals / Rhythm guitar
     Band of Oz was started in 1991 by myself and Keith Burns, and in those days it was a four piece. We soon had a huge following playing all sorts of classic rock songs. After a break we teamed up with three ex-members of Jagged Edge. When this ended we formed a Quo tribute band called Four Play Quo for a short while until going back to the Band of Oz some 18 months later. Next, after a brief return as a four piece in late 2007 we went for a complete change of direction forming the new improved current Band of Oz you see today.
Gibson SG standard
(with Slash signature Seymore Duncan pickups)
Roland Cube 80X custom
Boss Flanger
Dod Chorus
Aria Phaser
Al Heeley distortion pedal
Samson Airline AG1/AP1 wireless unit
Wireless Shure SM58 mic
Audio Technica standby mic
LD systems 1000T in ear monitors

Dave Wilkinson   Keyboards / backing vocals
     At the tender age of 6 I was plonked down on the piano by my Grandpa and my musical career started from there. Before getting into Rock I played in various brass groups, music societies and Jazz groups but when the chance came to play Rock I jumped at it. This is my third stint in the band of Oz and I’m having a ball. Music teacher by day, rock star at the weekend - it doesn’t get much better.
Korg X50 custom 88
Korg micro X custom
Korg MS 2000R
Ultimate pro stand

Neil Munns   Lead guitar / Backing vocals
     Hi, I'm born and bred Pompey. I picked up my first guitar in 1977 and joined my first band 'Nucleus' in 1979. I then joined or formed many bands over the years (noteably Baby Lemonade and Cough Candy Twist and Empire) until I moved to Huddersfield in 2002. I joined 'The Fabulous Rocking Sturgeons' in 2004 which I still do to this day. I first met Bandofoz when I took over from Craig in summer 2005 playing bass. I then reverted to guitar again in April 2007 forming Rockjunkies with Dave, Craig and Nelly and eventually returning to the current Bandofoz in 2009.
Hondo II guitars (Matsumoku - pre 1980)
Marshall JCM900 100w 4100 valve head
Marshall 1960A 4x12 cab

Dunlop crybaby wah
Morley Aligator Volume
TC Electronic G-sharp multi FX
Boss GE7 EQ
Behringer TU100 tuner
Samson Airline AG1/AP1 wireless units
Digitech whammy (larger pedal board only)
Digitech Jam man (larger pedal board only)

Audio Technica M2T in ear monitors
Shure SE315 earpieces

Andy Garner   Bass guitar / Backing vocals
     Began playing piano at 14 but was asked to play bass with a rock n roll band called route56 in 1978 while I was still at school. Then moved onto jazz and blues. Joined 'The Tat'(Flock of 3) in 2002 and 'Bandofoz' in 2010. My influences include Stanley Clarke, Mark King, Marcus Miller, Jacko and Roscoe Beck.
Overwater Evolution Deluxe 5 string
Markbass Momark 800 watt Amp
EA 2x10 500watt Cab
Behringer ultra DI400P DI box
Dean Markle Blue steel cryogenic strings

Steve Childs   Drums / percussion

PA Sound Equipment
Behringer B815NEO tops
Behringer B1500DNEO bass bins
Soundcraft Spirit SX 20channel desk
DBX 231 dual 31 band EQ
Soundtech SC62 dual 31 band EQ
Yamaha SPX90 multi FX
Custom made total ear monitor system
SM58 microphones vocal mics
SM52A BETA bass drum mic
Behringer C2 condenser mics
Yoga FX528 guitar mic
Lighting system
DMX512A Programmable scene setter/controller
Acme Knight Spot 250 motor spots (2)
FX Lab LED Par 56 front of house lights (8)
AD Par 36 LED rear lights (4)
Green multi pattern Laser
Green/red star cluster laser
Acme Dynamo LED Scanners (2)
3 Meter rear lighting truss and stands
Haze machine
LED bass drum light

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