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Hi dudes and welcome to my page.

How it all started
At the tender age of 6, I was plonked on the piano by my grandpa and things started from there. My uncle took over so my musical education and he stuck with me until I was 18.

Before getting into Rock I played in various Jazz bands dotted around the Yorkshire area, anything from trios to full 15 piece dance bands.

After about twenty years of doing that it was time to move onto new things so a group of us got together to form the Steve Summers band and I got my first taste of playing rock.

After three years or so I joined the reformed Band of Oz with Oris, Keith, Craig and Neil (Storm) with Pete (I can fix anything) on sound. This was great experience and I really enjoyed playing with these guys. Munzi eventually replaced Craig adding a slightly insane element to the band.

The Rock Junkies came about because we wanted a change of direction and to set ourselves new challenges. The music is different and enjoyable to play and the line up is ace. We are definately “ready to rock”.

The music I like.

Prog rock is my thing with Genesis, Yes, Rush and Pink floyd being my particular favourites. But being a music teacher I like music from various other genres.
(How posh is that.)

My gear

Korg MS2000 rack synth.
This recreates the old sythethizer sounds beatifully

Korg M3 rack (updated with M1 sounds)
Old but very user friendly and excellent for pad sounds.

Laptop and B4 organ VST programme.
Playing a laptop live on stage seems a strange thing to do but the B4 recreates the Hammond organ really well.

CME controller Keyboards
A bit more weighted than a normal keyboard which is good for me.

Studiologic 88 note piano controller.
Had it for ages and still my favourite keyboard.

Cheers, and all the best.

DC Wilko