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Hi folks, here's some junk about me !

I'm a born and bred Pompey fan and exeedingly young looking !! I picked up my first guitar in 1977. I joined my first band 'Nucleus' in 1979 (with the very same guitar you see here). I then joined or formed as many bands as I could noteably 'Jerry Atrix & the Pacemakers' and 'Electric General', playing everything from ELO to Motorhead ! Started gigging in 1982.Also started a home recording studio in 1985 which kinda grew a bit.That same year saw me play in the Hampshire Youth orchestra at Southampton Guildhall for the BBC with Ron Goodwin conducting (Scary as hell that was - especially for someone who can't read music !).

After a spell in a couple of Goth bands in the late 80's I briefly played drums in a band called 'The Dogmongers'. They were using a hideous drum machine until I heckled them at one of their gigs - I was in ! My home recordings were taking shape now too.

Joined 'Baby Lemonade' in 1990 and tried to make "a go of it".We went through various lineups throughout the 90's and even a name change to 'Cough Candy Twist'. Megga stardom didn't quite happen so I joined 'Empire' doing more modern covers including The Shamen, Prince and even Jazzy Jeff & the fresh prince !

My home studio was now part mobile and earning money ( bugger all actually ). Formed 'Airhead' doing Bill Withers, Jo Jackson, The Jam, Stereophonics covers etc. until moving to 'Sulphavein' in 2001 doing original stuff in the style of Radiohead. I then moved to Huddersfield in easter 2002.

Started up again with various musicians including a fill in spot on bass with 'Morris & the Minors' before joining 'The Fabulous Rocking Sturgeons' in 2004 doing rock covers (for which I still play on most Thursday nights).

I took over Craigs old spot in 'Band of Oz' in summer 2005 playing bass.

Then left to form Rockjunkies with Dave, Craig and Neil Darnborough in April 2007. Also joined 'Band That Woz' (the old Bandofoz) in October 2008.

My gear

Well, I exclusively use a number of these amazing japanese guitars from to late 70's. Not telling you what they are cos you'll all want one !!

Samson AP1 wireless unit
TC Electronic G-sharp 19" rack
Morley Alligator volume
Digitech Whammy
Cry Baby Wah
My own boost/cut switch

Marshall JCM900 100W valve head and 4x12 cab - Yum

Fave bands

Led Zepp, Deep Purple, Foo Fighters, Hawkwind, Chilli Peppers, ACDC, U2,
Rage against the machine, Pink Floyd, Muse
and most of the rock classics.
I like some less rowdy stuff too like
Jamiriquai, Coldplay, David Sylvian, Siouxsie and the Banshees,
Tangerine Dream, The Blue Nile, This Mortal Coil, The Smiths & The Police
I'm also into some older dance stuff like
Underworld, Leftfield and The Prodigy !!