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Started as a singer/songwriter/bassist at 16 and did original stuff up until the birth of my second child in december 08.

stuff i've done:

Mary-jane (1999-2006) - were signed to timeless music project and recorded an album (never released) in prague produced by killing joke guitarist Jeordie walker. We released an EP called "what i came here for".
Also played a festival in czech republic with killing joke.

Crush - did a stint in this huddersfield sleaze-rock outfit at some point, great fun!

Autobotz - recorded a track with this breakbeat duo that did quite well called "this world" with guitars from christian from fear factory.

Spent most of the past 10 years living and breathing music, but over the past three years have married and now have a 3 year old boy and a three month old girl. Loving family life and looking forward to getting my rocks off at some fantastic gigs again!

Check out the Mary-Jane website on myspace.com.